with the R1

Cooking at home made so easy
and delicious, your mom will want one too


React Lab's R1

A smart cooking appliance that helps
you makes great food
at home.


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Home cooking for anyone, with some skills or none

You only need an R1 to kick start your cooking journey. Let it do all the hard work - cut, chop ingredients the way you want, heat and cook everything you need with just a tap.

One Jar that does it all -
Chop, Stir, Cook

R1 makes cooking at home simple - simply throw in your ingredients and Start R1.
10 cooking functions in a single jar makes cooking everything - Biryani to Soups - simple, easy and so clean.

Guided recipes that help you cook with confidence

Create magic with our intuitive cooking flow. Select from hundreds of recipes from around the world to create the menu of your dreams. Everything made delicious in minutes.

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Something fresh and new everyday

Hundreds of recipes designed to make your day better

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We’re looking for innovative talent to join our team. Be a part of building the future of cooking.


Bengaluru, Karnataka

Qualification- 0+ years

Roles and Responsibilities:

- Interact with live customers to get feedback on your development.

- Work on a live project where you will be building front-end for home appliances with touch screens

- Participate in architecture conversations to help implement the stack better