The Future of cooking is here

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Eat healthier and tastier every day, with the R1, a smart cooking appliance.

The end of boring food


Let go of the old and start making the kind of food that will make your neighbours jealous.

Hassle-free, healthy home cooked meals

Everything you cook on the R1 is always healthy, fresh and delicious.
Make it any time of day or night.

Recipes from around the world

Make dishes you know and love, with ease and discover news ones that you could fall in love with.

5 Smart Cooking Functions

What comes in the box


8" Touchscreen 

Guided Recipes from around the world



Chopping / Stirring / Grinding


Butterfly Blade

Whipping Cream


Steamer Bowl

Steaming Vegetables / Momos / Idlis

Cooking Jar

Cook for 1- 4 people

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